We believe that antiques should be passed on. Cherished. Even if they are falling apart, unloved or complete design failures. That and our passion for solid timber longboards gave birth to Loki Longboards. We take unwanted or disused furniture and recycle the timber into longboard skateboards. The result is a perfectly seasoned hard wood board which tells a story. Each board is different in some way, whether it be the characteristic of the wood, or a rogue nail cavity from an apron fixing. As skilled cabinetmakers, quality control is at the heart of our business. From the sourcing of quality old timber furniture to the Tung Oil hand finishing.  All our boards are hand crafted in our workshop and stress tested for strength and performance. Loki boards will stand the test of time both in build quality and design.

We use some of the finest hardware available in our pursuit of both performance and aesthetics. Working closely with Paris Truck Co and Seismic Skate Systems, we have tailored each board accordingly. Our aim is to make good looking, hard wearing design classics that can be used for leisure or simply as a mode of transport.